Why Are the Clintons Laughing?


Nobody but nobody is happier to see Victor Thorn gone from this world than Bill and Hillary Clinton. It was Victor Thorn who put together the consummate unauthorized biography detailing Hillary and Bill’s sordid past. In Hillary (and Bill) the Sex, Drugs and Murder volumes, Thorn exposed every dirty secret the Clintons have fought so hard for so long to keep from the American public.

No doubt Donald Trump got a lot of his ammo against both Bill and Hillary from these books. . . .

And there is also no doubt both Hillary and Bill knew about Victor Thorn’s Clinton trilogy and the history of the author.

But the death of Victor Thorn does not have to mean that his message goes silent. The Clintons are betting on the chance that we do nothing; that we allow his work to fade into history’s memory hole.

But that’s not going to happen!

Right now the team at AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper is preparing to assemble a three-volume set of its own, featuring hundreds and hundreds of Victor’s very best investigative reports on dozens and dozens of various topics—from energy scams to high-level governmental treason and everything in between. . . .

The three-volume set is estimated to be a total of 600 pages long, each book containing 200 pages of uncensored Victor Thorn!
Simply called THORN, this amazing collection of old-fashioned, hard-hitting investigative reporting is how we make Hillary and Bill (and every enemy of the truth) stop their celebration and start quaking again at the mention of Victor Thorn.
Here is a partial table of contents of the subjects covered:

  • The real Benghazi scandal
  • The Obamacare scam
  • Scientist killed to hide revolutionary fuel technology
  • Obama’s alternative energy scams
  • Protesting patriot ranchers speak to Thorn
  • Continuing mysteries surrounding Sept. 11 attacks
  • The Fukushima power plant disaster
  • Why Soros wants to incite a race war
  • The race hustlers profiting from conflict between blacks and whites
  • Hillary Clinton’s incestuous ties to Wall Street
  • How Hillary silenced Bill’s victims
  • The establishment clampdown on conspiracy research
  • University professor blasts the bane of political correctness
  • The truth about race crimes in America
  • The failure of liberal politics in Chicago
  • The collapse of the Bush dynasty
  • Literally hundreds and hundreds more!

The Clintons aren’t the only kleptocrats and hucksters that don’t want to see these new volumes published!
But we need to raise $25,000 to make it happen . . .

The great thing is you are actually going to get something for your donation. See the item to the right to see how this will work.