Prominent Political Researcher Victor Thorn Commits Apparent Suicide Near Home

On the morning of Aug. 1, AMERICAN FREE PRESS received news that investigative reporter and prolific author Victor Thorn was dead. Victor always marched to his own beat. He lived life on his own terms and chose to die on his own terms. We might not agree with how he went about it, but Victor was never one to seek approval anyway.

By Pete Papaherakles

Although raised as a Catholic, his understanding about spiritual matters was light years beyond any organized religion, having read hundreds of books on religion and philosophy. He even wrote many of his own books on these subjects. Victor was not terribly concerned about any moral judgment of his deed either by a god or by any religious moralists. He offered no apologies to anyone.

Victor will be remembered as one of the giants in the alternative media. In his own chapbook, Conspiracy Hall of Fame, Victor inducted about 20 top conspiracy writers of all time. The heavyweights listed included George Orwell, Jim Keith, and Michael Collins Piper. However, Victor needs to be inducted at the very top of the list with the best of them. Who else can boast of having written 60 books?

Since Victor’s death, many conspiracy theories have popped up across the Internet about Victor possibly having been murdered by the Clintons, because of his books exposing their crimes. Others have their own theories.

However, it is important to state the family remains adamant that there is no basis in truth to these charges.

The world may not know exactly why Victor took his own life, but some of us have a general idea. Victor had planned this for at least two years. His son, Josh, even knew the exact day it would happen. That day was on Victor’s 54th birthday. It had to be on that particular birthday, according to Victor’s way of looking at things. He even wrote a book about it, which Josh is now in the process of going over. Details about the book are unclear at this point, but it was Victor’s intention that the book be published eventually.

It seems Victor has managed to be even more provocative and controversial in death than he was in life. From a young age, Victor had determined that he would not grow old. In addition, the timing he chose had to do with his perceived destiny due to his birthday of 8-1-1962, which makes him a triple nine, 999, something he considered unique.

No one knew Victor better than his son and only child, Josh, who lived in the same house with him for the last 20 years.

Josh has read every single book his father wrote and had countless conversations with Victor on these topics.

The following statement was released by Josh. Here is what he had to say about his dad’s life, death, legacy, and character:

My dad was a truth-seeker. At his innermost core, he was an artist, a writer, a creator, and a philosopher. For him, his own destruction served as his greatest creative expression, the taking of his own life the ultimate expression of free will.

His purpose for writing, be it political or philosophical, was to knock down walls. What he wanted was for people to seek the truth without any boundaries or dogma, to strip away any kind of programming or conditioning put there by others, and to think about things for themselves.

My father viewed knowledge as the key to freedom. To him, the mind is an extremely powerful thing. If you put seeds in, they’ll grow. The key to Victor was, who’s putting in the seeds? Outside forces that seek to control and manipulate, or inner forces that seek self-knowledge and personal growth? That’s what his writing was about.

Ultimately, he was a rebel. He rebelled against the status quo, against the enemies of truth. His collective work stands as a monument to anyone who dares to peek behind the curtain, even if it means turning everything you think you know upside down.

He will be greatly missed.

Unlike most researchers who specialize in issues within a certain niche, Victor was multi-dimensional in his writing, equally proficient in exposing the 9-11 deception, the Clinton crimes, and the Obama lies as he was in explaining quantum physics and parallel universes. The breadth of his knowledge and understanding, his thirst for the truth, and his enthusiasm for exposing lies and deception were boundless.

Victor’s brother, Bill, in an interview with AFP two days after Victor’s death gave much insight into Victor’s life. He noted that when Victor was in school he had scored in the top 1% in the state of Pennsylvania, a fact that Victor never mentioned.

Based on AFP’s work with Victor over the years, it was clear Victor was at the genius level. He was also extremely well read. His books and articles are a testament to this fact.

Victor had the unique talent of “putting the hay where the goats can get to it,” an expression often used by another good friend and AFP writer who left us too soon, the late, great Jim Traficant. Victor could take any subject, no matter how complex, study it in record time, and present it to his readers in a comprehensible, exciting, easy-to-understand manner.

Victor’s legacy is the enormous body of work he left us. In the 60-some books he penned, he explores in depth a tremendous array of subjects ranging from basic NWO conspiracies to the very nature of reality itself. His expose on the Holocaust fraud is one of the best books on the subject. However, he also wrote many books on art, cinema, entertainment, and music.

But, most of all, Victor loved America. He loved baseball, hot dogs, the American flag, rock-and-roll, and small-town America, and he adored his dog, Midas.

The basic drive behind his writing was to expose the hidden forces at work destroying the America he knew and loved. In this, he was exactly like legends Willis Carto, Traficant, and Piper, whose combined losses recently have been hard for AFP. And, yet, this newspaper continues to carry on their legacy nonetheless.

Like these other great men, Victor was a legend, and, like them, he will live on forever through the extensive number of books he left behind.

Victor’s books will forever haunt the New World Order. Largely due to Victor’s brilliant research, Hillary Clinton has not been able to conceal her crimes. Through Victor’s tireless work, Donald Trump just might be the next president, and, if so, Victor will have succeeded in saving the America he so much loved.

Farewell, Victor. You will always be remembered.

Pete Papaherakles is a writer and political cartoonist for AFP and is also AFP’s outreach director. Pete is interested in getting AFP writers and editors on the podium at patriotic events. Call him at 202-544-5977 if you know of an event you think AFP should attend.