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Recently the world witnessed firsthand what AFP has been saying since its founding: You can’t trust the mainstream news media. But broadcasters like icon Brian Williams aren’t the only talking heads who lie. All the mainstream networks censor the news and twist the truth to bolster their profits. Why? The news game is a lucrative business designed to line the pockets of the few intertwining families who control nearly every news outlet in the world, which includes television stations, radio stations, print newspapers, magazines, and the biggest Internet sites. In fact, this monopoly ownership of the news media keeps Americans from finding out the truth about many important subjects that affect their daily lives. Turn to AFP to break the wall of censorship!

America’s Water Threatened

Three-quarters of America’s fresh water comes from one massive underground water source: the Ogallala aquifer. Without this water, millions of Americans—including farmers, ranchers, and ordinary citizens—face an uncertain future. Right now, however, Big Oil companies are threatening this underground water source by storing poisonous wastewater in wells that connect to the aquifer. This is potentially one of the biggest disasters in U.S. history, but has been ignored by the mainstream media.

GMO Weed Killers Responsible?

In the last 30 years, America has seen a dramatic rise in cases of autism, Alzheimer’s and dozens of other diseases for which scientists and medical professionals are at a loss to explain. But the answer could be staring us in the face. Genetically modified crops have been designed to resist weed killers. But now, rather than dying when these high-tech weed killers are sprayed on crops like corn, wheat, and soybeans, the plants don’t die; instead, they absorb the poisons, which stay in the plant after harvesting and are ingested by millions of people. The link between the chemicals in these weed killers and the rise of many systemic diseases is undeniable and could be the root of a rising American health epidemic the mainstream won’t even discuss.

America’s Mideast Policy Is Insane

America’s Mideast policy over the last three decades has resulted in the United States becoming a less safe place. Nearly every secular Arab regime in the region has been destroyed and replaced by radicals who don’t want America in the Mideast. Once-stable nations like Iraq, Syria, and Libya are now in chaos, and U.S. leaders seem bent on causing even more mayhem in the area. Who is determining this policy that is clearly not in America’s best interest and has directly led to the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS)? Where did ISIS get its heavy equipment and firearms in the first place? What are its goals? Is American involvement in Mideast affairs the best recruiting tool for radical terrorists? You’ll find out the truth in the pages of American Free Press.

Audit the Federal Reserve

Since its founding, AFP has called for the audit and closure of the greatest threat to America’s financial security: the Rothschild owned and operated Federal Reserve, a collection of private banksters who have their own interests—not those of average Americans—foremost in their minds. The Fed has admitted it does not know what foreign nations it lent billions of dollars to in the financial meltdown of 2008. Is this even believable? A massive amount of our national debt is actually interest owed to the international bankers who have, in effect, loaned us our own money. How can this scam be stopped, and why should we all be worried about the incredible power of the Federal Reserve?

Free Trade Isn’t Free

Free trade isn’t free. In fact, since the U.S. government has adopted “free trade” as a practice, America has lost tens of millions of jobs, and tens of thousands of companies have left for greener pastures, preferring to have their goods manufactured by foreign slave labor. Yet our leaders continue promoting this.

Big Bankers/Wall Street Corrupt

In a shocking interview, a former Wall Street insider admitted to AFP that Wall Street is rigged for the mega-rich and against the average man. This may come as no surprise to many who saw life savings lost in the 2008 financial crash and subsequent bailout of some of the most lucrative companies in the world. But would it surprise you to learn that the bankers and Wall Street gamblers are at it again, doing exactly what brought the U.S. economy to its knees—but on an even grander scale?

Illegal Immigration

Everyone knows illegal immigration is wrong. Voters have enacted strong anti-illegal immigration laws in many states. After all, American taxpayers are strapped enough without having to pick up medical and social bills for people who are in this country illegally. Then why, AFP asks, does the U.S. federal government routinely and systematically strike down measures enacted by localities and states? What’s in it for the ruling parties, and why is the will of the American people subverted at every turn on this critical issue?

Elections Rigged

AFP has confirmed what many suspect: America’s elections are not as honest and open as many imagine. In fact, they are rigged. Authorities have proven that the 2000 election was stolen for George Bush in Ohio and Florida and the 2008 election for Barack Obama in Illinois. So what are vote-fraud experts saying we can do to stop electronic vote fraud, and just how bad is the problem?

Whistleblowers Muzzled

The U.S. government has a long and sordid history of silencing whistleblowers and dissidents. From Julian Assange of WikiLeaks to Edward Snowden of the NSA to conservatives targeted by the IRS, the government has used every possible dirty trick to keep under wraps the truths these outspoken truth tellers have exposed. AFP supports those who want the truth to be told—no matter how uncomfortable the facts. That’s why you’ll see a completely different approach to the news in the pages of AFP.

Torture Is Wrong

The torturing of prisoners has been condemned by every truly civilized nation since the Inquisition. Many thought this barbaric practice was done and gone. But AFP was on the forefront of exposing the systematic rendition and subsequent torture of hundreds if not thousands of people around the globe as part of America’s “war on terror.” But the horrible fact is that many of these people were guilty of no crimes at all except, perhaps, disagreeing with America’s insane foreign policy. AFP condemns torture for many reasons, one of which is that it invites like treatment for any U.S. soldiers captured.

Chances Are They’re the Good Guys

If the mainstream media says someone is a despicable person, chances are they aren’t. One foreign leader who has been consistently roasted on a spit of innuendo and lies is Russian President Vladimir Putin. The truth about Putin is that he is a nationalist leader looking to free Russia—and any other nations who wish to ally with him—from the advancing Anglo-American New World Order. Look between the lines when the mainstream media tells you there’s a “new Hitler” out there. AFP can be your guide.

Nationalism on the Rise

And speaking of nationalism, it’s on the rise across the globe. People are waking up to the fact that our leaders—from the executive to the judiciary to the legislative branches—consistently act against the wishes of the middle-class citizens of the world and right here in America, too. Debt-free money and a return to sound economic practices—not debt-based economies—are of great concern to AFP, and we cover the efforts of many groups looking to free the middle class from the shackles of the bankers. This is something you won’t see in the mainstream press, which are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the global elite.

War on Terror Is a Fraud

The so-called “war on terror” is a fraud. A perfect example of this is the nation of Afghanistan. When U.S. troops arrived to punish the Taliban for its alleged involvement in the attacks of 9-11, heroin production was at its lowest levels in decades. Soon after U.S. troops arrived, however, heroin production and exportation reached record levels. Is the CIA using heroin to fund its black ops across the globe? Is the United States one of the greatest beneficiaries of the illegal drug trade, carried on under the cover of the “war on terror”? This and other related topics are in our sights.

Psychiatric Drugs Are Time Bombs

What is the common thread in the many mass shootings that have occurred in America over the past several decades? The answer: prescription drugs. In nearly every case in which someone shoots children or adults, whether it be in an elementary school or a crowded theater—prescription psychiatric drugs are a causative factor. And while the gun-grabbing crowd likes to blame “lax gun laws,” the fact is that America has more gun laws on the books than almost any nation that does not completely ban them. So why is the mainstream media so reluctant to mention psychiatric drugs as a factor in mass shootings? Are they covering for the pharmaceutical industry—a multi-billion-dollar business that spends untold advertising dollars in mainstream papers and newscasts? In the pages of American Free Press, stories like this get the attention they deserve.

Republicans/Democrats the Same?

American Free Press is neither Democratic nor Republican. We are for what is best for the American middle class—the group of people that pays America’s appalling social bills. And while the mainstream news media like to pretend that the Democrats and Republicans are vastly different in ideology, the fact remains that they both continually put forward and support legislation that is bad for America. Every issue, AFP devotes a section of the paper to covering this legislation, lauding lawmakers who are putting forth bills that are good for American taxpayers and exposing senators and representatives who are supporting legislation that is bad for America—whether they be Democratic, Republican or Independent. Additionally, AFP Is not afraid to interview members and candidates from third parties who are banned from mainstream-sponsored debates and events and rarely receive any coverage at all in the media.

Secret Globalist Meetings

You may not know this, but it was AFP’s Jim Tucker (now deceased) who first uncovered the clandestine annual meeting of one of the most powerful groups in the world: the Bilderberg group. When Jim informed the world that some of the most influential world leaders, industry magnates, politicians, bankers etc. were meeting in secret every year, the mainstream media scoffed. But Jim was right, and now every year AFP covers the Bilderberg meeting, held in a different European or American venue every summer. But the Bilderberg group is not the only influential cabal of powerbrokers who meet to decide the course of world events. AFP also covers the meetings of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Atlantic Council as well as others you’ll never see mentioned elsewhere.


While AFP is a political newspaper, we also cover the work of some of the world’s greatest conspiracy theorists, reporting on their findings. From the suspicious events of Sept. 11, 2001 to the odd foreign intelligence connections found in the Oklahoma City bombing to the Sandy Hook school shootings to the FBI connections to the Boston Marathon bombing and other acts of domestic terrorism, including prominent assassinations, you can count on AFP to give you the facts—not the disinformation found on literally thousands of bogus websites, many of which are funded by U.S. intelligence sources looking to muddy the waters. Again, we take conspiracy investigators seriously, unlike the mainstream who mock serious researchers with legitimate questions about some of the biggest events of the day.

Just a Small Sampling . . .

This has been just a small sampling of what you’ll find in every issue of American Free Press. But there’s more—lots more—that we cover. Issue after issue, AFP tackles the big subjects the mainstream media either can’t or won’t touch. But AFP is more than just a newspaper. We also publish our own books and CDs and have one of the fastest growing websites in America with over 1 million monthly visitors. AFP talks to the people behind the news stories. We are strong proponents of free speech and let people have their say—when others won’t give them voice.

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AFP: More scoops in a few issues than most papers have in an entire year . . .

Please take a look at this very short list of stories we’ve covered recently:

• We told you so! The seemingly unstoppable and incredibly violent ISIS terrorist army hacking its way to Baghdad was trained, armed, and funded by the United States CIA.

• We told you so! Wall Street is rigged, at least according to AFP’s interview with author and Wall Street insider Michael Lewis, who revealed to AFP that, from the very beginning, the stock market’s main goal has been to separate you from your wallet and line the pockets of the rich.

• We told you so! Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher—who, with the help of hundreds of patriots from across the nation stood down the heavily armed forces of the Bureau of Land Management—is not a “racist neo-nazi klansman with a death wish.” Far from it, Bundy is a true American patriot fighting for his land—and your rights. How do we know? We took the time to interview Bundy, not simply regurgitate what was said about this man in the mainstream news.

• We told you so! The noose of justice is closing around Lois Lerner, the former IRS official who was responsible for the willful destruction of perhaps thousands of emails incriminating her agency in the ongoing and carefully orchestrated persecution of American conservative groups. How did we learn about this? From Brian Harvey of the American Center for Law and Justice, whose lead attorney, Jay Sekulow, represents 41 groups in 22 states that have been unjustly harassed by the IRS and who are now on a crusade for justice.

• We told you so! The real scandal about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is that it was not spurred by Muslim anger over a video. The real reason Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed was because he was at the center of a massive illegal U.S. gunrunning operation. Had the U.S. government wanted this respected diplomat alive, he’d be alive today. The truth is, he had a dangerous story to tell.

• We told you so! Unfortunately, the U.S. government has been making a concerted effort to get rid of any information it has on “terror suspects” it has tortured—sometimes to death. Many have been buried in unmarked graves and records destroyed about their existence. Will the true scope of America’s torture of innocent citizens ever be known? Our inside source in Europe was appalled at the actions of the United States and brought it to our attention when no others would touch this story.

• We told you so! You’ve heard of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, and the Council on Foreign Relations, and you know they are nothing more than fronts for the most powerful bankers, industrialists, and plutocrats. But did you know that there is a new powerful club of “hot shots” called The Atlantic Council and that its increasing influence on the world stage presents a real threat to American sovereignty?

• We told you so! This exceptionally powerful cabal of the world’s top financiers meets ever year in secret—but no one had ever heard of them until AFP’s Jim Tucker exposed them back in 1975. Though others have tried to take credit for exposing the Bilderberg group and revealing its hidden agenda, it was AFP reporters who broke this story open for the world. Now even the European mainstream press openly discusses Bilberberg—but it is still never mentioned in any print publication in America—except in the pages of AFP.

• We told you so! You’d be surprised to hear which of the presidential hopefuls is shamefully pandering to illegal aliens to ensure they vote for him in 2016. If you were reading AFP you’d know exactly who we’re talking about and the behind-the-scenes deals he is making to stab America in the back.

• We told you so! The New World Order is real and it is here. But did you know that its center of power has shifted from its traditional base right here to Washington, D.C.? That’s right—the highest levels of the U.S. government have been co-opted by those seeking to re-order the world and make us all serfs on their global plantation.

• We told you so! The Syrian government really wasn’t responsible for gassing its own people. Respected investigative journalist Seymour Hersh revealed—as AFP said months before—that the whole “sarin gas attack” was perpetrated by the very same rogue militias the U.S. and other Western countries have been arming to oust democratically elected President Bashar al-Assad—and American politicians know it!

Most publications would be happy to have that number of scoops in a year, but, amazingly, those are ALL from just one recent issue of American Free Press!

If AFP sounds like a newspaper you’d be interested in, then check out where we stand on the issues!